Shumaker Design + Build Associates

In 2009, the husband and wife team launched Shumaker Design + Build Associates in Evanston, Illinois, an Architect led design-build firm, just north of Chicago, filling a desire to work for a wider range of clients. Drawn to expansive windows that allow natural light to stream in throughout the day, they even designed their street-level studio together, opting to use simple and inexpensive materials as the backdrop that would highlight their team’s skillsets and showcase who they are as a firm. Their space often serves as inspiration to clients and has been the springboard to designs for other spaces.

Suzanne and Garry developed their affinity for historic homes while working on projects in New York City and Brooklyn, before moving to Chicago. They enjoyed the responsibility of staying true to the historical significance of the structure while transforming it to meet the needs of modern-day living and the opportunity to reassemble it in a way that is respectful of the historic fabric. Philosophically they find that intentionally-designed homes invite gatherings, family and community, and enhance our everyday life. They become part of the fabric of our memories and Suzanne and Garry are honored so many of their clients, many of whom are designers themselves, entrust them to be part of that process.

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