New Marble and Quartzite Slabs at MGSI in July

New Marble and Quartzite Slabs at MGSI in July

Please take a look at the new additions to our Marble and Quartzite natural stone inventory in July!

Please browse through the NEW PRODUCT section of our website to see our new arrivals in natural stone slabs or click on an image below to see more information.

Marble slab - Colorado Lincoln polished

Marble Colorado Lincoln 3 cm polished lot # 4- slab size: 116 x 64


Marble slab - Colorado Lincoln honed

Marble Colorado Lincoln honed 3 cm lot # 8- slab size: 116 x 65


Marble slab - Namibian White

Marble Namibian White 3 cm lot # 9 – slab size: 109 x 72


Quartzite slab - Brazilian Calacata brushed

Quartzite Brazilian Calacata brushed lot # 2 – slab size: 116 x 78


Quartzite slab - White Princess honed

Quartzite White Princess honed 3 cm lot # 17 – slab size: 121 x 72



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