What’s trending in contemporary kitchens?

What’s trending in contemporary kitchens?

The kitchen is the focal point of the home, the place that brings everyone together after a long day or at the start of one.  With all its beauty and warmth, it is the very center of the house. Kitchens have changed a lot over the decades and planning for your kitchen model/remodel is very important. Changing social dynamics have contributed greatly to the rise of the modern kitchen. There is a far bigger focus on open concept homes that revolve around the kitchen so everyone can be together. As with any modern design trend, clean and simple styles have become favorites for homeowners with natural light becoming an essential aspect of the overall look and function of the kitchen space.

contemporary kitchen - ossido nero

Ossido Nero Porcelain Matte

White is still a big favorite for kitchen countertops. Homeowners love it for its clean look, which is especially beneficial in a space that tends to get cluttered. White countertops are simply beautiful and timeless and can be used in almost any kind of kitchen style. We expect white to remain a popular countertop color probably for years to come. The only change we are seeing is a mixing in of leather and honed finishes for accent pieces and additions of pops-of-color.

contemporary kitchen - venatino quartz

Venatino Quartz

contemporary kitchen - super white quartz

Super White Quartz

Another color of choice is grey. Grey countertops project a certain elegance. If you want your kitchen to feel a bit more luxurious, grey is the color to choose. Grey countertops work great when paired with plenty of natural light.

contemporary kitchen - calce antracite porcelain

Calce Antracite Porcelain

contemporary kitchen - pewter quartz

Pewter Quartz

White and grey seem to be the two big colors in 2017. Their modern clean look will keep them as favorites for years. But there is another color slowly making its way into the kitchen–black.  It will surprise you at how well black kitchen countertops can work in and enhance every kitchen.

Black kitchen countertops portray full-on elegance and a deep rich luxurious atmosphere that the other options just don’t.  They cast the kitchen in a subtle dramatic essence. More and more homeowners are getting bolder and opting for a kitchen with black countertops in 2017. While black will not be the new white anytime soon, it is definitely the color to go with to achieve a deep rich luxurious atmosphere.

contemporary kitchen - orion granite honed

Orion Granite Honed

contemporary kitchen - black absolute granite

Black Absolute Polished Granite


contemporary kitchen - black granite

contemporary kitchen - black pearl polished granite

Black Pearl Polished Granite

For high end kitchen countertops, quartzite still reign supreme. The material is extremely hardy, can last virtually forever and it is a breeze to maintain.

contemporary kitchen - flair quartzite

Flair Quartzite Polished

contemporary kitchen - brazilian calacata dolomite

Brazilian Calacata Dolomite Polished

contemporary kitchen - white macauba quartzite

White Macauba Quartzite Polished

contemporary kitchen - white macauba quartzite

White Macauba Quartzite Polished

Quartz is another popular material when it comes to durability. When quartz countertops first came into the market, the main worry was lack of variety in terms of colors and finishes. Today this concern is long gone thanks to technology. There are wide range of colors to choose from as well as realistic stone patterns. You can even get quartz finished with elaborate swirls and large veining to imitate other materials like natural stone. These unique styles have become immensely popular.

Borghini Quartz - contemporary kitchen

Borghini Quartz

Pewter Quartz - contemporary kitchen

Pewter Quartz

We have saved the best for last- the rising popularity of Laminam porcelain.  An ideal surface for contact with food: perfect as a worktop, because it is resistant to heat, fire and stains, including oil, wine and lemon, and cannot be scratched by knives. What makes it so revolutionary is its excellent resistance and sophisticated style. It is a real architectural skin, adapting to a huge variety of applications, allowing you to create pleasing, harmonious settings.

Corda Porcelain - contemporary kitchen

Corda Porcelain

Pietra Di Savoia Antracite Porcelain - contemporary kitchen

Pietra Di Savoia Antracite Porcelain

In conclusion, there is a notable trend toward softer and more neutral colors. More and more homeowners are opting for colors like: white, grey, or black finishes. The pattern preferences have changed to veining from particulates that we’ve seen for past years. This definitely follows the trend towards cleaner styles seen in most home spaces.


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